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Old Sunbury Courthouse - Community Views

Old Sunbury Courthouse

Council is committed to ensuring the ongoing community use of the Old Sunbury Courthouse.  You can help shape the future use of this historical site.

Council is interested in your views about the Old Sunbury Courthouse located at 43 Macedon Street Sunbury  This location is key to a changing precinct that includes the Sunbury Police Station and the new Hume Global Learning Centre. The Old Sunbury Courthouse provides an opportunity to provide local community groups with access to a prominent community facility in Sunbury.

In 2019 Council will administer an expression of interest process to select agencies to be based from the facility.  It is important that we first understand community views and aspirations.

A report that includes your feedback will be prepared by Council. This report will not contain opinions or information that could lead to the identification of any individual. Council is committed to ensuring that survey information remains confidential, and managed in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. If you have an enquiry regarding this questionnaire, please feel free to contact Council’s Organisational Performance & Engagement Department on 9205 2433.
2. Which programs do you think would be best located at the Old Sunbury Courthouse?
Space Cell LowMediumHigh
Health and wellbeing
Older persons
Social enterprise
Arts and culture
Social connections
Family and children
Lifelong learning